MP3: Installed - "Palestino"

Although a significant portion of our staff belongs to (and is proud of) the Chicano identity, we rarely find ourselves buzzing about US-based acts. So when a catchy as hell song titled “Palestino” showed up in our mailbox, we were surprised and thrilled it came from home. Installed is the exciting one-man project by Fernando Álvarez, a 23-year-old music enthusiast from California's San Joaquin Valley. Son of Mexican immigrants, Fernando grew up listening to Mexican popular music, which he justly describes as “melodramatic.” Years later and influenced by 90s R&B (Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Maxwell), and some of today’s noisepop revivalists (Lucky Dragons, White Rainbow and Yacht), Alvarez brings the spirit of improvisation into an act worthy to follow. Installed is like the Chicano cousin of María y José, and is reminiscent of Matías Aguayo. Production-wise, Álvarez’s methods sound precarious, but at this point in the game, that’s significant to its success. “Palestino” is fleshy and gripping, like an endless sprawl of loop percussion celebrating a witty pain (“eres mi peor es nada”).