Video + MP3: Sosua - "La Leona"

It’s virtually ready, but today is the last day we’ll be considering tracks for our latest compilation Nuevo Ideal (out on Sunday). With nearly 400 track submissions up for consideration (from those sent by the artists), we’ve left out at least a dozen of songs that would have made it into earlier compilations easily. Among all of those good tracks we’ve left behind is Sosua’s “La Leona” (off debut album En Calor; it might not be the best in the bunch, but among the most memorable. Sosua is sort of pop culture theatrical project from the Dominican Republic. Working with predominant sexual context, Sosua is actually the project of two brothers with both, a sense of humor and a scuzzy music palate. While Sosua might not be the ideal pop idol we’ve been waiting for, “La Leona” is beyond appealing. This track took us back to those first demos by Rita Indiana (during her ‘Casifull’ era), and they sure have fun making a blasting ‘tiraea’ to our beloved Shakira on this one (they also have their own version of Britney's "Womanizer" titled "Mujeriego"). As an ironic note, one of the guys behind Sosua happens to be our selected artist for Nuevo Ideal’s artwork.