Video: Fauna - "Para Mi"

Fauna’s debut La Manita de Fauna (ZZK Records, 2008) was probably the first album to internationalize the label and to this day, stands as one of the landmark albums of digital cumbia. Last November, Fauna lost one of its members with the unsuspected passing away of Federico Rodriguez, aka Catar_Sys (who we can see in the video, along with an infamous Latin pop goddess). At the time of Federico’s death, the duo already had their new installment on the post-production phase; he has left us with a treasure. “Para Mi” is Fauna’s first single off new album Manshines, and we feel comfortable declaring it as Fauna’s absolute best song yet. Directors Javier Lourenco and Lucas Bottero have invited every member of the ZZK collective into an epic video that embraces the hybridity of the cosmopolitan kaleidoscope, and is bound to be one of the year’s best music videos.