MP3: Sokio - "Cuerdas"

Chilean producer/tastemaker Sokio has built an impressive profile in the Chilean pop renaissance as both a performer and the mastermind of the PONK label/collective (Dadalu, Karine Alexandrino, Les Ondes Martenot). Although never a hardcore experimentalist, his songs mostly traveled among the waters of the sequencing & the instrumental. As he heads to Mexico to do a mini-tour, he has also stepped out of his shell, delivering what’s arguably his best track yet. “Cuerdas” is the title track from his upcoming album and features a sober, clear-minded and welcoming Sokio providing his own vocals for the very first time. The result is that of a catchy pop song with bold and defined strings outlining a world of disenchantment. Vocally, it’s like an intersection between Gustavo Cerati and Los Abominables (previously 6 Million Dollar Weirdo). With guest appearances by Lido Pimienta and Fakuta, Cuerdas sure sounds like an album to drool over.

♫♫♫ "Cuerdas"