Video: Wild Honey - "1918-1920"

Remember that stunningly beautiful album cover of Wild Honey’s Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug? (Lazy Recordings, 2009). Well, Guillermo Farré and Co. have accomplished somewhat of a rendition to that image in the band’s very first music video “1918-1920," one of the album’s most memorable pieces. This time the frame isn’t as savage as that of a tiger devouring your head or a monkey jumping on your back. Instead, we’re presented with a wonderfully witty adventure featuring an aged couple and their also elderly dog. The clip’s opening image shows two birds dancing in the sky, a contradicting metaphor of what we actually get to see in the video. The time gap between 1918 and 1920 refers to a thousand days in which the couple slept side by side. Under a well-groomed supervision of director Christian Lopez, “1918-1920” plays like a wonderful short story of courage and anti-temporal love. In my original review of the album I suggested the song had a “newlywed intimacy” feeling, this clip supports that idea greatly. As our three characters walk away into the sun, the frame now captures three birds in plain flight. Romantic.