Video: Wild Honey - "1918-1920"

Remember that stunningly beautiful album cover of Wild Honey’s Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug? (Lazy Recordings, 2009). Well, Guillermo Farré and Co. have accomplished somewhat of a rendition to that image in the band’s very first music video “1918-1920," one of the album’s most memorable pieces. This time the frame isn’t as savage as that of a tiger devouring your head or a monkey jumping on your back. Instead, we’re presented with a wonderfully witty adventure featuring an aged couple and their also elderly dog. The clip’s opening image shows two birds dancing in the sky, a contradicting metaphor of what we actually get to see in the video. The time gap between 1918 and 1920 refers to a thousand days in which the couple slept side by side. Under a well-groomed supervision of director Christian Lopez, “1918-1920” plays like a wonderful short story of courage and anti-temporal love. In my original review of the album I suggested the song had a “newlywed intimacy” feeling, this clip supports that idea greatly. As our three characters walk away into the sun, the frame now captures three birds in plain flight. Romantic.


  1. Very good song and video. Loving the accent 2.

  2. Cool melody... what a weird accent... at one moment I thought it said "I waited for you to try ORAL" LOL. Some people need to start singing on their own language. Just my opinion, not that I doubt on the artists' credibility just because of the language, but sometimes you do wonder on what kind of phenomenon got them there in the first place.