New Single: Matias Aguayo - "I Don't Smoke"

OK, perhaps that was not the most professional opening sentence in Club Fonograma history, but it's new Aguayo single time and I'm PSYCHED! Coming off of his triumphant (and Destacado-worthy) second album, the Chilean-born, German-representin' DJ decides to take a more irreverent route with "I Don't Smoke," the single for his latest EP, out on Kompakt next week.

While the track doesn't really sound anything like the poly-rhythmic head trip that was Ay Ay Ay, that doesn't mean that there's anything about this that's rote in any fashion. Over the course of seven-plus minutes, the track builds from a minimal keyboard ditty into a funky, almost caribe conga beat. While the lyrical content is likely a decisive point of contention, this is certainly more fun that many techno tracks that try to go the humorous route--and certainly much more enjoyable than that Battles duet that was the aural equivalent of painting a house a thousand different colors until it ended up looking brown. While his protege Rebolledo may be getting more buzz in our little end of the world, Aguayo's latest shows that he's still got the touch.