Video: Dani Shivers - "Witch"

Despite only knowing her for a few weeks, I’m pretty confident to say Tijuana newcomer Dani Shivers is my favorite mean girl out of all the bloody femme fatales coming out of Mexico. For years she’s been under the radar, flirting with formless freestyle beats and putting her witty psyche into music boxes. LALALA4e, Mexico’s most pixel-induced and experimental netlabel, is about to release Dani Shivers’ promising EP titled Jinx. Leading single “Witch” discloses the artist’s resourceful methods: a semi-cute voice colored in crimson, articulated throbs, and nostalgically sinister aesthetics.

Dani Shivers describes her music as “the death of innocence” and lists suitable references that include Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Grimes, and Salem. When trying to parallel the song’s baleful imagery into a video, it doesn’t hurt to have Mexican horror filmmaker Aaron Soto around. This video is based on the urban mythological Snuff films that would capture actual murders on camera, with hints of "the castrating bitch" philosophy. Co-directed by Soto and Shivers, “Witch” was processed in VHS and features real blood. Seems like we’ve found the female equivalent to Mickey Mickey Rourke, and that’s quite exciting.