MP3: FLYBACK - "Si No Le Contesto" (Plan B Cover)

For the last two years, Venezuelan blog NTSFRSH has been our preferred source for the new prospects of tropical music and all of its global cousins. Last year the blog extended its content-creating duties developing the exciting Cocobass Records, home of Fonograma favorites like María y José and Los Macuanos. Owner of a gifted aesthetic eye and a shameless eclecticism, Eduardo Luis Hernández, one of the franchise’s masterminds, is taking the first steps into developing his own musical act under the moniker FLYBACK (FLYB∆CK for those with enough swag).

Although it was almost completely omitted by mainstream Latin pop-rhythmic radios across the States, Plan B’s hit “Si No Le Contesto” was the absolute zeitgeist across many regions of the continent last year. The song’s official video counts over 51 million views, an insane number for a reggaeton song nowadays. Plan B is one of those urban acts worthy to watch, with hardcore fans that include Tego Calderón, Arcángel, and Dávila 666. Although Flyback admits vocals aren’t his biggest strength, he has paid tribute to the Plan B song in a rendition that highlights the original’s pop structure, adding plenty of glittering tropical depth along the way. By practicing some clever tricks and distortion, Flyback pushes the song’s pedestrianism to even further places.