Video: Pegasvs - "El Final de la Noche"

Spain’s breakthrough progressive pop band Pegasvs has earned every ounce of their hype delivering one amazing track after another. Considering “La Melodia del Afilador” and “Atlantico” are two of our favorite rock songs of the year already, Pegasvs debut album is starting to take the form of an essential. Band members Luciana and Sergio have made a smart move releasing yet another stunning new song. “El Final de la Noche” brings synth power into Pegasvs sharp sonic edges, and it doesn’t hurt to unveil it alongside a video produced by the always reliable CANADA. “El Final de la Noche” is dark and wonderfully submissive, an acknowledgement of the night as a provisional rapture. I love the secrecy of this band, there’s something very romantic about them. I can’t quite put it into words, but I imagine this is how it used to feel decades ago when people would count the days for record releases in order to presume an artist’s image. Word on the street says Pegasvs will be releasing their debut in a couple of months. We’re drooling for it.