AJ Dávila y Terror Amor – “Ohhh (No Te Encantes)” (Feat. Fofe Abreu)

Even considering that Arnaldo José Lozada, was once part of a death metal band called Tortura and later the bassist and vocalist of Davila 666, he doesn't seem like the vicious kind. Whether writing/producing garage cuts for Davila 666 or releasing perverse pop punk songs with catchy melodies, like “2333” (feat. Meche Oller) or “Lo Que No Será (feat. Alex Anwandter) under the name of AJ Dávila, Lozada has consistently shown a knack for the crestfallen feeling he invests in his performance that cuts through loud and clear.

In his latest single off upcoming debut LP, Terror/Amor (Nacional Records), AJ Dávila and Terror Amor deliver another melancholic (if still fuzzed-out) balladry, and it’s a rewarding one. Featuring José “Fofe” Abreu, one of the leading voices of the Puerto Rican music scene with bands Circo and Fofe y los Fetiches, and Los Negretes’ Jinmmy Vitte, “Ohhh (No Te Encantes)” is addictive due to its gusto and playfulness with lyrics like "sabes nena tu y yo aberrante" or "pal de buenas tu y yo y palante" to the repeating line “tu y yo,” all of which combine to engender a greater emotional depth. Besides Fofe and Vitte, Terror/Amor features a top-notch selection of collaborators, such as Juan Cirerol, Alex Anwandter, Meche Oller (Las Robertas), Cole Alexander (Black Lips) Juanita Calamidad (Juanita y los Feos), Selma Oxor, Sergio Rotman (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs), Johnny Boy, Armando Lassus (Los Nadie), and Dax Díaz. You can download “Ohhh (No Te Encantes)” here, via MAP.