Video: Juana Molina - "Eras"

Juana Molina’s latest music video for “Eras” illustrates the mastery of horror found in the "assaultive and frightening" Wed 21. Accompanied by the solitude of shadows, the mysterious being Bichapong orchestrates a sort of “spirit disco.” A “spirit disco” is a religious practice by the Urapmin people of the New Guinea highlands where men and women gather in a building to sing, to dance, to be possessed, and to be cleansed of all sin. In "Eras," Bishapong’s guests are imprisoned in a melodically choreographed substance-induced psychosis, reminiscent of Juana Molina’s infinite loops. Director Mario Caporali’s embodiment of Bichapong truly captures the delicacy and dark fantasy of Alejandro Ros’ Wed 21 album artwork, enhancing the aesthetic and discourse of an album that truly feels whole.