Video: El Remolón - "Flashback"

ZZK Records darling Andrés Schteingart a.k.a El Remolón has made a name for himself amongst producers working within a nebulous aesthetic that encompasses electronic music, ambient, cumbia, and just about any other electronic sound that's evolved out of Latin America in the last couple of years. After releasing the energetic Pangeatico EP (2010), Schteingart this year produced the electro-cumbia soundtrack to Boxeo Constitución, a documentary exploring the harsh realities of boxing in Argentina alongside Lido Pimienta. He is ready to unveil his next trip. “Flashback” is the first single from his upcoming LP Selva and finds the artist evolving from an electro-ambient producer to a guy who produces tangible songs. The video that comes with it (directed by Ezequiel Mateos) works as El Remolón's first video ever and introduces a character that transports between realities and hallucinations while escaping his lunatic wife through the track's catchy beat.