Video: Banda De Turistas - ''Química''

There’s something undeniably fresh about young-blooded bands reviving the past, and Banda de Turistas is strong proof of it. They crafted blunt and gorgeous records (Magico Corazon Radiofonico & El Retorno) that felt like instant classics but, after the third record, the pulse of their magical radiophonic heart went on a not-so-exciting tangent. Their third album Ya (produced by Babasonicos’ Diego Tuñon and Diego Uma) wasn’t a bad record, but it sure profiled Banda de Turistas as a band that lost the element of surprise at an early age.

Banda de Turistas is already looking ahead and want to be ahead of the curve with the release of “Quimica,” the first single (produced by Los Pericos’ Juanchi Baleiron) that kicks off the promotion of their 2014 album. The attached clip (directed by Ezequiel de San Pablo) shows a vignette of designs and effects that mix well with the song’s gleaming synths, even if there’s nothing really substantial to overanalyze beyond what’s presented. It’s a simple, catchy song, a friendly pop song. This stripping-down-to-the-essentials decision is a safe, yet ultimately smart, step to move forward (or actually, a good opportunity to re-encounter with what they were producing on their first two records). Here is hoping the band will amend into their remarkable past and take a hold of the nostalgia that’s been leaking out of them lately.