MP3: No Somos Marineros - "Violencia River"

On their first proper studio recording, Mexican band No Somos Marineros deliver on the promise of Demo Juvenil, a three-song demo recorded entirely live earlier this year. Their new track "Violencia River" is a dynamic, full-blooded track that sounds like a simpler take on math rock à la Don Caballero mixed with the energy and chord progressions of post-hardcore and '90s Midwest emo bands like Braid and The Promise Ring. "Tres días sin dormir, todavía no termino. No lo entiendo, todavía no termino." These are the only lyrics in the entire song, shouted in a very raw and frustrated fashion. And almost like the river in the middle of la violencia, there's a beautiful and sparse break that evokes the work of the Kinsella family, especially American Football. But the calm doesn't last long, and they bring us back to the heavier part, now giving us the feeling of an epic resolution. No Somos Marineros succeed in a very hard task: they incorporate and update all of these sounds and influences (and playing guitar using finger tapping) without sounding like Austin TV, which is, frankly, an easy route to take. They sound fresh and relevant and hopefully won't take too long to bring us more new music. Download the track on the Bandcamp player below.

Post by contributing writer Cheky (Ezequiel Bertho) / Algodón Egipcio, Jóvenes y Sexys