Dënver - "Negro es el Color de su Corazón"

It took us almost five months to publish our review for Dënver's Fuera de Campo. It was a conservative and not-so-brave decision to let the puzzling (and very divisive) album sit for a while before reacting to it, but time is proving Dënver’s vast landscape to be one of the most significant for our generation. Dënver's sketchy and controversial breakup earlier this year is as difficult to understand as that virtual kidnap of Delorean in Mexico, but we’re glad Mariana and Milton are back in the field. The duo has unveiled the new track “Negro es el Color de su Corazón,” which is an entry for a contest by Phillips. The freedom of not having to respond to an album’s concept or cohesion makes the band sound truly assaultive here (those cascading synths might make your ears bleed). Just like they did in the also unpublished “De explosiones y delitos,” Dënver takes a chance at confronting dance music at its most grandiloquent extract.