Video: Tiger Menja Zebra: "No cal ser de Brooklyn"

The three ex-CAMPING members forming Tiger Menja Zebra released their debut album Com començar una guerra (“How to start a war”) in 2012. Back then, the video for the homonymous song caused a bit of controversy, as it showed the three musicians from behind throwing eggs at a piece of white cloth where the names of other Spanish bands were shown. Everything was, so we imagine, ironic, and they have played in several festivals in Catalonia (Sónar, Emergència, or Festival Hoteler, for example) since then. “No cal ser de Brooklyn” (“There’s no need for being from Brooklyn”) is the second video presenting this first eight-track album and it shows the mothers of the band members reacting to their sons’ song. The song is equally as noisy, saturated, and experimental as the video is humorous and tender (or at least less violent). The three mothers dig the song and reacted saying: “it is funny,” “it goes up,” and “oh, those kids of ours.”