Video: Violeta Castillo - ''Las Cremas''

Violeta Castillo believes in the predilection of pop songcraft as something universal. But, even if approachable, she still shows interest in experimenting with new structures. Though her songs don’t necessarily follow the verse-bridge-chorus pattern, she shows plenty of command placing and displacing beats between love ballads and acoustic melodies. Her latest single, “Las Cremas,” is a hybrid of sorts, but still undoubtedly pop. Like many of her peers, Castillo’s composition has put aside the acoustic guitar and tuned to the keyboards. “Dame unos minutos para actuar y hacer efecto como las cremas,” sighs the singer, responding to the medium with affection and sincerity. Directed by photographer Catalina Bartolome, the clip for “Las Cremas” shows a group of women who discard all sense of vanity and move around the frame as if there were no tomorrow. “Las Cremas” is the first single off Castillo’s new EP, Hasta Abajo.