Video: Gepe - "Bomba Chaya"

Last night, Gepe unveiled the music video for “Bomba Chaya,” the fourth single from 2012’s excellent GP. The gorgeous short by Gustavo de la Torre finds the Chilean musician singing and strumming a charango amidst the colorful puppets, stilt walkers, street performers, caporales, and other folkloric dancers of Peru’s carnivalesque “Gran Marcha de los Muñecones.” In many ways, the video for “Bomba Chaya” feels like the perfect circle-closing complement to last fall’s “En la Naturaleza (4-3-2-1-0).” From its warmer, sun-colored hues to the marching revelry through Comas’ streets, Gepe’s latest brims with life. It’s a visual love letter to tinku, saya, and all of the rest of the Andean folk culture that’s the wellspring of Gepe’s inspiration.