Video: Elsa de Alfonso y Los Prestigio: "El oleaje"

The video for “El oleaje” announces the forthcoming EP (to be released by Canada in 2014) of Elsa de Alfonso’s new musical adventure, a sort of solo project with the help of Los Prestigio, including members of Doble Pletina and Extraperlo (Alba from Extraperlo directed the video). Elsa is a very well-known musician in Barcelona, we could even say music activist. She has been part of bands such as No Band In Berlin, Villarroel, Kana Kapila, and Imperio, and one can find her at almost every local underground event. “El oleaje” has a dreamy tropical sound based on '80s synths and subtle guitar plucking over a very classy rhythmic base. The voice track, as well as the enveloping sugary reverb, make this song somewhat onirical and even devotional, from another age. Let’s wait for the EP to see what this can be. To date, they have already opened for Sean Nicholas Savage in Barcelona and Madrid.