Video: Becky G - "Built For This"

Becky G’s new video for the song “Built For This” is a modern sci-fi fantasy of spaceships, choreographed intergalactic skeletons, and Becky’s robot partner. It has a virtual reality, video game aesthetic and spotlights Becky's dance moves. The track serves as her second single taken from her debut EP, Play It Again, and is characterized by an up-tempo electronic dance-pop with rhythm that blossoms into an interweaving of drum machine patterns and synths, incorporating effects with highly energized and bass-filled beats alongside Becky’s vocals.

During the video Becky is seen as an agent of her own desires. The lyrics are honest and sharp, no sugarcoating. Questioning her future prospect, she asks, "Can you take control? / Boy, I gotta know / Wanna know if you’re built for this." She conveys the need for reciprocity from a partner who can, like her, be in control of emotions and words.

"Built For This" is another milestone reaffirming Becky’s power and increasing confidence. Despite her age (just 16 years old), she’s a young woman aware of her surroundings and in tune with her deeply rooted traditions. Seen in another video, “Becky From the Block,” she proudly represents her barrio, family, and culturally religious figures like La Virgen de Guadalupe. Now in "Built For This," Becky gives a shout out to Mexico, reclaiming, prioritizing, and acknowledging her hyphenated identity, and proving that she's in control.