Video: Ulises Hadjis - "Diciembre"

"Diciembre" is the most recent single off Cosas Perdidas (Entorno Doméstico, 2012), the second album by Venezuelan singer-songwriter Ulises Hadjis. It is a little pop gem that barely hits the 2-minute mark and has a very unusual structure driven by a guitar riff that references the main one from "Every Breath you Take" in a very clever way. In its music video, Hadjis is joined by Linda Sjöquist (Cancioneira, ...Al Cruzar La Calle) and artist/designer Valentina Alvarado, and they present themselves as a cute, fictitious indie pop band playing the song lightheartedly under the Maracaibo sun. And that's pretty much it! It sounds pretty basic, and it probably is. But the truth is that the video, directed by Heberto Ánez, is the perfect companion to the song, transmitting exactly the kind of vibe it is supposed to deliver. It makes you want to grab an instrument and join their fun get-together in the shade of the trees.