Rey Pila - "Alexander"

My Fonograma colleague Blanca Méndez hit the nail on the head when foreshadowing that Rey Pila’s vastly overlooked debut would be one to revisit again and again, “if only to discover more of its subtleties with each listen.” Yet, in the last couple of years, it seemed like Rey Pila had lost momentum. Though quiet, the project has remained very active. Following the underrated success of the first release, Rey Pila toured extensively with the likes of Interpol, Muse, TV on the Radio, and Ariel Pink. In 2012, Diego Solórzano, alongside bandmates Rodrigo Blanco (Dirty Karma) and Andres Velasco (Chikita Violenta), moved to New York City to work on a sophomore release. With the help of producer Chris Coady (Beach House, Smith Westerns, Wavves), Rey Pila are putting the final touches to their second album, which they described as “a synth-laden, guitar-driven collection of pop gems.”

With cover art inspired by Halloween III, the band has unveiled “Alexander” as their new single. Momentum seems to be on their side again, as the band has officially signed to Cult Records (Julian Casablanca’s label). The single comes with B-side “Lady in Red,” a Chris de Burgh cover. “Alexander” seems to emerge from a place of solitude, where rhythm, timing, and arrangement are negotiated for a post-new wave, almost cinematic outcome. Diego and his band mates don’t shy away from ambition, and their trickery of the medium pays off as they create a number that’s equally exquisite as it is atmospheric.