Javiera Mena - "Espada"

I think Meek Mill summed up the mood in the Club Fonograma virtual offices today: JAVIERA BACK, ALL THE HIPSTERS SCREAMING THAT JAVIERA BACK. "Espada" begins with the simultaneous bang of a snare drum and Casio key, (appropriately) cutting an earworm so large you could fit twelve Paulina Rubio singles in comfortably. Lest anyone think that Mena would play it safe and choose a more subtle comeback entry, she makes it damn clear from the outset that her third album likely won't be about playing to expectations. "Espada" is big, bold, and catchy as all hell. Particularly the last minute and fifteen seconds, where Timbaland synths crash with Europop hooks topped with Mena's brashest vocals to date. This is gonna be the hottest Christmas ever, y'all.