Ave Negra - Enamorados...

Costa Rican revivalist duo Ave Negra may sound dusty and cluttered, but their latest maxi-single (mini EP?) finds them surveying the emotional circuit of platonic love. This is an ode to those punch-drunk moments when sensations of youth (first love, rejection, remorse, heartbreak) sweep over our sanity. Side A “Esto Es Amor” makes a direct statement of everything we feel when that first realization of being in love arrives. With witty and corny lyrics like “soy ese que tu mamá escogería para vos,” or something bolder like “esos ojitos me dicen que te coma toda,” the band makes it pretty hard to resist singing along. The drum progressions here are reminiscent of The Ramones’ “Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio?,” guys who knew their way around platonic love songs.

The single comes with B-side “Vos y Yo,” where Ave Negra makes good use of raspy and whining guitar strings. The slowed-down tone and melodic push remind me of those glorious times when Los Saicos stepped away from the demolition to instead write love letters to that infamous lady named “Ana.” Although it’s a tiny release, Enamorados… is a solid set of two punkishly polished love songs that feel immediate and that should provide the band with plenty of momentum until that first full-length record arrives. Download Enamorados... on the Bandcamp player below.

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