Video: Hidrogenesse - "Hidroboy"

Hidrogenesse’s newest video commemorates the 15th anniversary of "Hidroboy," first recorded in 1997 and released on the Lujo y Miseria compilation by label Acuarela in 1998. To commemorate, the infamous duo (just announced as part of this year's Festival NRMAL) recorded a new version of the song this year to be released by Austrohúngaro, the label managed by the members of Hidrogenesse themselves. This rework of the track is being published on a limited edition 7” blue flexi disc as part of the label's singles collection series, Golden Greats. “Hidroboy” tells the story of a swimmer who spends a great amount of time in the swimming pool - a devoted athlete with swimsuit who's also worth looking at. Hidrogenesse approaches the song as usual, with loopy and funny lyrics that celebrate the pure electro song, this time, attaching a lot more sound effects to the classic and making it as robust as it has ever been.