ACLM. ii

I'm in charge of putting together the ACLM (Asociacion de Criticos en Linea de Mexico), a gathering of bloggers, from professional critics, film students, journalists, creative visualists and cinephiles. We have picked the best of Mexico's 2008 films, Blue Eyelids by Ernesto Contreras leads the nominations, followed by Fernando Eimbcke's Lake Tahoe and Roberto Sneider's Tear This Heart Out. See the full list of nominees here: Cine Azteca.

Since this is a music blog, I'll leave the music categories, among the nominees one of the tacubos wrote a song performed by Julieta Venegas, an argentinean virtuoso featured in the year's best soundtrack (Rudo y Cursi), a song by Devendra Banhart feat. Gael Garcia Bernal and the original music Austin TV wrote for a film.

Cumbia Callera (Javier de Lira, Luis Manuel López y José Manuel Mendoza)
La Zona (Fernando Velásquez)
Más que a nada en el mundo (Austin TV)
Quemar las Naves (Alejandro Giacoman)

“Cristóbal”, Devendra Banhart (Déficit)
“El Viaje de Teo”, Ely Guerra (El Viaje de Teo)
“Mi Principio”, Joselo Rangel (Quemar las Naves)
“Rudo y Cursi”, Juana Molina (Rudo y Cursi)