Club Fonograma Features: En Ventura

A few weeks ago I was happy to find out that I had more En Ventura songs to include on our Rocolas, it’s quite odd, but we didn’t know of the existence of their LP Los Gandharvas until recently. And just a couple of days ago I was informed by one of its members that the band is not breaking up entirely like I had thought, half of the band continues and are preparing a second record we’ll probably hear later this year. For me, this was the breakthrough Mexican rock band of last year, along with Nos Llamamos, Album, Bam Bam and 60 Tigres. We’ve heard all the four songs from the EP they released with The Poni Republic, so we now feature my personal favorite from their long release, “Ingenuo” its plainly genuine, it’s temporary and about time. Larga EnVentura


Club Fonograma Features: 
Track: "Ingenuo" 
Album: Los Gandharvas
Label: Del Hotel Records
Country: Mexico