Yellow Yesterday EP

The Poni Republic, Mexico ***1/2
Rating: 76
By Carlos Reyes

Mexico’s indie net label The Poni Republic presented us with five of the most exciting acts of 2008: Nuuro, En Ventura, Carrie, Bufi & Jovenes y Sexys. The poni is becoming a landmark of quality, so it is a good idea to have the first 2009 review with the release of another breakthrough, Yellow Yesterday. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for the lo-fi pop made in Latin America; it still carries an intriguing innocence with it, especially that effortless flowing that confronts simplicity. As expressed on the release, this is especially powerful when listening on a winter trip as I did; the outcome is both an intimate and accessible treat. The charm should be able to transcend well and even acclimate the listener and that would ultimately be the album’s greatest challenge, but never underestimate the power of the EP format. From first listen, this is the kind of stuff one is used to find coming out of a Sundance and its festival indie movies. Pay special attention to “Choices”, which I found marvelous, perhaps because it’s the only piece that gets it right on its vocalization, and it’s bouncy instrumentation is ambitious and targets global proportions, because it been in the English language shouldn’t be enough to reach the masses. “Somehow you don’t mind to be heartbroken again”, lyrics-wise is also radiant, who wouldn’t welcome an honest song about choice? Probably the leading track to promote this novel act from Mexico City is “Girl”, a tragically optimistic goodbye well instrumented by strings that although are bright, function on a very moving track. The other two tracks “Sunday Song” and “My Place” I found to be transitional, but nonetheless beautiful comfy minutes that show valuable content. Yellow Yesterday where virtue finds itself on great gentle musical steps to be retained.

♫♫♫ “Choices”
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