New Weekly Post Announcement

New weekly post, every Tuesday. What exactly is this about? Let me explain, I seriously listen to so much music, it’s a great honor to be able to access a big broad territory, this art follows me everywhere, as a college student it only makes it easier while walking on campus and getting the chance to write about it in between classes it’s a pleasure. Lately, I noticed I’ve been getting a big pile of CDs in the mail and a lot more on my email with digital releases, the labels or/and the artists dedicate time and money getting their music to me that it is only fair to at least dedicate a few thoughts on the albums I get to hear every week. If I really like an album and feel comfortable defragmenting its elements, it usually gets reviewed, if not I had been ignoring them. So this weekly update will be dedicated to a line of albums that fall short in my book to review them or feature for some reason or another, or perhaps I just can’t write about it extensively because of my lack to cultural awareness or something. My comments might not be as colorful as they usually are, but will always be sincere and I guess that’s why we’re here; it’s my way to let them know I appreciate their important role at Club Fonograma.

Expect my quick thoughts on a couple of 2009 releases tomorrow, and week after week. As you might expect, this will be a great place to comment on my latest devotion to the EP format and net labels. If I don't write about an album you've sent me, it's probably because I plan to celebrate it very shortly.