Negro Fluo, Negro Fluo

Unsigned, Argentina ***1/2
Rating: 79
By Carlos Reyes

This is the first 2009 album we get from South America and a beautiful one. It had been a while since the word psychedelic had popped up while listening to an album, even having heard the latest masterwork by Animal Collective. This is my answer to emotional abstract music; it doesn’t need to complicate itself with vocal patterns or cosmetic lyrics. Negro Fluo is Jorge Nikliso, this Argentinean shackles into a grasping moment of post-folk, distorting a bunch of elements along its journey and ultimately bringing a quite fantastic first set. Negro Fluo sounds epic; something phenomenal considering this is a solo act, takes full advantage of its resources and accentuates passages that like the art cover, feel aquatic. Sure the music is at times sloppy, but with its position on both salvation and fatalism, it’s careless because it needs to be. A track like “El dia te llama” is surrounded by a futuristic force, a cold surface of expectancy. Meanwhile “Delirios en mi” it’s all about detailing a spectrum of new beginnings. It feels like the album bounces through locations with much sympathy, it wants to grab its listener to that physical or fantasized space and even if it’s not always able to acclimate, it tries to get there at an appropriate phase. Also fascinating is the artist’s idea of personifying music and its made-up characters, pretty much like the visualization of Mexico’s Austin TV but of course, a lot more lyrical. An instant highlight is “Hidden Clouds” (the only English-language song here), whose delicate vocalization evokes Cat Power and Juan Son, a very anthem-like track that is surprisingly very radio-friendly. “10 minutos para despertar” is dreamy and delicious, and a summary of how careful one has to be while listening to this. There are some weak spots especially on the second half of the album, which is not necessarily a fall but it becomes more alienating. I also recommend looking for his 2007 EP titled Arenero, which should be as pleasant as this. 

♫♫♫ "Hidden Clouds"
♫♫♫ "La Lluvia"
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