Club Fonograma Features: Plastilina Mosh

You should know by now that Jonaz y Rosso and their Plastilina Mosh will transcend as one of the key projects that have made Latin Alternative music a progressive, dynamic and exciting movement to be proud of. Aquamosh already has its deserved spot as the radical project that turned classic for its acid lyricism, its brave take on political themes and its depiction of modernity. Throughout the years, their journey has only enriched their colorful and rebellious way of partying, like a distraction or escapism turned into a lesson of joy. Their latest release All U Need Is Mosh is simply hyper, and the singles have been so far steady. We’re gracious to feature their single “Pervert Pop Song”, which has to be their loudest single since “Peligroso Pop.” This song features Patricia Lynn and Ximena SariƱana, in that order, so don’t get it confused, it’s not that Ximena sounds different, her appearance vocally is minimal. We thank Plastilina Mosh and Nacional Records for letting us drop this marvelous song for you, we can’t wait for the upcoming video. 

Club Fonograma Features: 
Track: "Pervert Pop Song" 
Album: All U Need Is Mosh
Label: Nacional Records
Country: Mexico
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