New: "Azul", Natalia Lafourcade

So I don’t know about you, but I’m truly looking forward for the new material by Natalia Lafourcade, who as I said before, comes redefined. I remember listening to her self-titled debut with much admiration but as I look back at it wasn’t as good as the hype or my initial reaction. Her work with La Forquetina was better, but after a long break where she has dedicated her time on traveling and making great music. Natalia announced yesterday at her MySpace more details about the album and we now get to listen to the leading track “Azul”, which will probably just be a digital single and believe me, it’s a beautiful one. In case you don’t visit Club Fonograma on YouTube, you’re not missing out on much since we go very parallel in content with the blog, but if you are curious subscribe to our ‘videos’, which are not even videos but just songs with the cover art, but hey it’s better and more convenient than the MySpace player. 

Update: Thanks to loyal reader Chassidy * Kassidy for letting us know Natalia will be interviewed by Reclu & Sopitas in Reactor tomorrow @ 7:30 P.M. (Mexico City time), which I remind you it's available for live streaming


  1. I've liked Natalia since her beginnings, and I'm really looking forward to her next album. I've heard some of the songs and they are awesome; they reflect how much more mature she is. I really like this Azul song!

  2. Me late muchisimo, no me gusto su etapa de chick-songies, pero talentosa lo es.

    Se escucha muy diferente, esta evolucionando, es de aplaudirse.

    Suena bien candiense incluso (no digo que eso sea un plus, solo que se ven influencias y eso es admirable)

  3. Que chingon está tu blog, acá en Reactor es muy apreciado. Felicidades.

  4. Confession: I have never liked Natalia Lafourcade...Until I found your blog which pointed me in the direction of her newer, more instrumentally varied and complex compositions. I lived in Mexico for 2 years during which time I was assaulted with overplay of that huge single of hers (forget the name). Thanks to you I am now a *huge* fan! Las cuatro estaciones es fantastico!Gracias a dios que ella ya esta creciendo como artista, mezclando elementos orquestales, electronicos con ritmos y collages mas complejos todavia manteniendo su talento por letra introspectiva."Azul" es una cancion tan buena que las demas nuevas. Echale ganas Natalia y mil gracias Club Fonograma.

  5. Oh thanks, that's sweet... it feels great to be loved haha..

    I guess the song you're talking about is "En el 2000" which is good, but this is a different Natalia, seems like her comeback will be better than most are expecting, I'm drooling over her new material.