Lemon Pop, Cooper

Elephant Records, Spain ***
Rating: 67
By Jean-Stephane Beriot

Honestly, I knew nothing about this band but I was intrigued to take a listen after taking a look to this album’s cover. Seriously, it’s rare to find a close up with such composition, the flow of contrasting parallels and a point of attention that is truly mesmerizing. I know music reviewers don’t babble too deep on the art of an album, but as an illustrator myself I’m always digging to see if there is any correlation between the album notes, packaging and the content of the music. While there is no clear connective tissue here, I found the project to be quite good. Last time I heard of El Canto del Loco I was bored to death, and I’m mentioning that band because Cooper fits quite well with that audience, it’s what some call “almost pop.” Lemon Pop is enjoyable because it doesn’t aspire to be a rock album, like their also fellow band Pereza, Cooper likes to play its pop with solid guitars and the result is a consistent set that works perfectly as an EP. Those that stopped listening to Spanish bands after Hombres G will start making comparisons, but Cooper sounds modern even if too generic to really be loved. In fact, Lemon Pop gets everything about just right, but nothing of it really outstands, well except for the art work as I mentioned. Opener “El circulo polar” believe it or not sounds like Paulina Rubio or La Oreja de Van Gogh, its pop essence is undisputable and its greatest asset. Europe loves telling short stories about specific people through songs, and “En el sofa” sounds like a traditional early ‘90s rock track. Closing song “Ola de calor” is the best track, even with the ‘na na na’ refill in the chorus. Here is hoping more album covers lead the doors for me to take a listen to good unknown bands out there.