Club Fonograma Features: Los Romanticos de Zacatecas

Loyal readers will have noticed that the this blog is all about pop and its derivatives (alternative included), and it’s not because I’m not into rock, I love rock so much I become a blind bastard to even try to get lost in MySpace to ‘discover’ new bands out there. So usually the best rock music from south the border comes effortlessly to me, through either mail or MySpace. A friend request popped up a week ago and was able to put a smile on me; Los Romanticos de Zacatecas is a good, radio-friendly, “almost pop” a lo En Ventura or Vampire Weekend, but this one is easily digestible as the lyrics are direct. But one shouldn’t mind the easy and perhaps lousy lyrics; the band’s name should dissolve any sort of pretentiousness in that area, doubt what can be doubted as they say, and see what’s left, in this case a band to watch. For those of us who just can’t make sense out of teen pop bands (Panda, Finde, Insite, Don Tetto etc. etc.), these romanticos should be an indication of the a good path to take. 

Club Fonograma Features: 
Track: "Lo Sabes Tu"
Album: EP
Label: Unsigned
Country: Mexico
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