Club Fonograma Features: Domingo En Llamas

Domingo En Llamas is José Ignacio Benítez from Caracas Venezuela, one of the most amusing encounters I had last year with a solo project. I felt short while reviewing Fledermaus (reviewed here), it’s the kind of album that proves how misleading ratings are, especially on albums that have their own pace to be digested, but scores are still very helpful. The album keeps unfolding like a true masterwork that should not be overlooked; we are in front of a great lyricist and an instrumentalist of true transcendental vision. In my review I had included the tracks “Cuando vuelvan los que ayer corrian”, “Leonora” and “Trabalenguado”, all three getting much love on The Hype Machine, which tells me his sound can be appealing to a broader proportion. I love the run-ons in his pitch, the attitude of the strings and especially the accommodation of words that find a space to work together and sound great together, the emotion keeps building and once you catch it, it’s hard to let go. By the way, you can download for free the full LP here. The featured MP3 is for the striking "Depredadores", again one of the many jewels in his album.

Club Fonograma Features: 
Track: "Depredadores"  
Album: Fledermaus
Label: None
Country: Venezuela
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