La Invasion de los Ultracuerpos, The New Raemon

BCore Disc, Spain
Rating: 65
By Carlos Reyes

Ramon Rodriguez is an interesting heck of a guy; two years ago he released L’Antartica which I still find mesmerizingly clever. His take on music gives romanticism a fair chance, but it’s mostly about the eternal leftfield sentiments any relationship brings. The music is generic but never stepping on comfort zone, in fact sometimes he even goes on a limb and inserts some humor or acid sarcasm into his lyrics, but never washing away a certain layer of elegancy present all along. What seemed like a transitional career full of change seems to be finally getting some deserved stability, which doesn’t always work, but in this case it indicates more records and that’s to be welcomed of course.

He had recently released the unanimously acclaimed A Proposito de Garfunkel. Surprisingly quick, a brand new EP with six tracks titled La Invasion De Los Ultracuerpos, which is almost a contrast of his last LP. This one is unexpectedly less emphasized in the songwriting, but it might just be his most personal set yet. Its intimacy will continue to be his greatest virtue, and actually, this had a very limited release in Vinyl only, about 500 copies or so, most of us still have a chance to his doors trough a digital release. With such a transparency in both lyrics and music, valuing his work becomes a major conflict as I am always wishing he would distort himself entirely, he is no Robi Draco Rosa or Sr. Chinarro but not one of many either.

As the leading voice of several bands, he has recruited valuable company; particularly in a track like “No Fastidies” they are the prime stars of the narrative and so take over what’s supposed to be a self-journey. Leader “Sucedaneos” talks about falling, how it not only hurts the victim itself but secondary bodies as well. If looking for a bright and witty pieces, this is a place to visit, if looking for anything else, say innovation, musical indifference or variety this will seem like an album full of limitations when it isn’t, it’s just ultra-personal to transcend.