Club Fonograma Features: Congelador

Again, thanks for the overwhelming response to this new feature on our blog, keep sending your great music. From all the material we’ve received so far, this was surely a standout. We didn’t know much about Congelador, but after listening to their record it seems to be one of the most hyped revelations from Chile’s own indie movement. Last month, they released Abrigo, which is open for free download thanks to their label Quemas Su Cabeza. The album was according to the readers of Super 45 (one of our favorite sites), the best Chilean album of 2008 and we might agree. We now feature “Pasajero”, which is as sublime and vivid as the album cover.

Wednesday, January 07, 2008

Club Fonograma Features: 
Track: "Pasajero"
Album: Abrigo
Label: Quemas Su Cabeza
>>> MP3