Features: Turbopotamos - BAND TO WATCH 2009

Turbopotamos: BAND TO WATCH 2009

Every year I ask myself what band we should watch out for, I have run out of possibilities with Turbopotamos, I cannot understand why this awesome Peruvian band is not getting much attention in say Mexico for example. Honestly, they are not the best relatively ‘unknown’ band out there, but they have the potential to become HUGE, as I’ve been saying they should start by heading north, risk it and invade the Aztec country. I mean, this is a band destined to at the very least participate at a Vive Latino very soon, their rockabilly would work wonders among the chilanga banda crowds. Not to undermine several new bands that will breakthrough this year, I am hoping this is the year Turbopotamos gets its deserved attention outside their country, break them into big proportions. And I’m not trying to get all dictatorship on you, but there are people that follow this blog that have the possibilities to at least test their music. We give them our stamp of quality, their album No Love is quite a jewel for generic rock. A new record is soon to come, while we impatiently wait for it, let’s feature one of the best singles of 2008: “Terrorize You / Disco Flor”, a double feature turned adventure. Not only a feature, but it’s our official ‘Band To Watch – Most Likely to succeed for this 2009, wishful thinking?

“Well I cried and tried and cried and tried not to die, still I lied and lied and lied, till I saw the size of her knife.” 

Club Fonograma Features: 
Track: "Terrorize You / Disco Flor" 
Disco Suite
Label: Discos Gordos
Country: Peru
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