Club Fonograma Features: Alexico

It’s only been a few months since I turned old enough to ‘legally’ drink, and yet this next feature makes me feel old. Alexico is part of the exciting new wave of acts from Monterrey Mexico, probably the most fast-tuned out of all. He took the risk barely two years ago; I feel this is one to keep an eye on. His EP Dios Es Lo Maximo is an experimental ride that breaths youth, and it’s as wild and mad as it can get. He will be releasing a new album later this year, meanwhile enjoy “No Se”, which oddly enough, I find extremely relatable. The video itself is a jewel; you can do so much with so little, or vice versa. 

Club Fonograma Features:
Track: "No Se" 
Album: Dios Es Lo Maximo
Label: Unsigned
Country: Mexico