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Our weekly post for Artist of the Week has been discontinued, it was practical on its moment but it needed some upgrade. So, instead, now we’ll feature both emerging talents and consolidated acts, must-listen artists that are nice enough to let us borrow one of their songs for free download here at Club Fonograma. Our first friendly feature comes to us from We Are Standard; a great band from Spain that Jean-Stephane had introduced to us a few months ago. Note that we’ll continue to be very selective with our choices, but we invite anyone who wants to be featured here to send us their material ( and we will listen to it (only tracks from 2008 & 2009). Same goes for any label out there who would like a little attention on our site, these files will only be available on our sidebar for about 5 days so it’s a great chance for momentum promo, and if we really like it, expect a review and an appearance at our Rocola, which oddly enough gets more hits than the blog itself. One great track almost every single day, it’s possible, trust me.

Update: I'm truly honored, it's only been about 5 hours from this post, and I got 37 emails from artists wanting to be featured here, including many artists that actually made our lists for Best of the Year, it's really a great feeling to know they keep reading us! Mil gracias. 

Monday 05, 2008

Club Fonograma Features:
Track: “On the floor”
Album: We are Standard
Country: Spain
Label: Minty Fresh
>>> MP3