Club Fonograma Features: Entre Rios

A brand new week, hopefully you are enjoying our features, we already have a long line of songs for you and we must thank those creative artists for sharing them with us. Remember “Salven las sirenas”?, in case you don’t, it was a relatively big hit three years ago. The song by Entre Rios helped Elefant Records, one of the best labels in Spain, cross over to Latin America way before we got our chance to enjoy the likes of La Casa Azul or La Monja Enana. The Argentinean pop group has kept three slots all along, but those spaces have been transitioning with changes among the members of the group. After 3 years of absence, they opt for a self-titled comeback, a new label and even a new vocalist, which has to be one of the biggest risks any band could go through. Truth is, the new voice is also fantastic, not only that, but it evolves and reconstructs Entre Rios history for its own good. We now bring you the first single “Tambor”, which should’ve ranked way higher on our Best Singles of the Year post. 

Club Fonograma Features: 
Track: "Tambor"
Entre Rios
Label: Crack Rok
Country: Argentina
>>> MP3