Club Fonograma Features: Hidrogenesse

There are certain artists that inspire this blog in one way or another, Spanish favorites Carlos & Genis have played a big part on how we envision music and its much needed balance with visuals at the time of presenting it to others. Hidrogenesse covers Remedios Amaya, with a song that participated in the Eurovision contest more almost 30 years ago. “Quien maneja mi barca” is like that beautiful song I once heard at church as a child, and it got stocked in my head regardless of how my beliefs have matured. This is part of project Rewind 2, a fun place where bands around the world pay tribute to an important song from the past, “a flight to the sounds of yesterday.”

From the release:

Por qué habéis escojido este viaje en particular?

Es una canción que siempre nos ha gustado sin enterder por qué nos gustaba. Pensamos que haciendo una versión la entenderiamos mejor.

Nostalgia o tributo?
Tributo a una canción moderna, preciosa y de mensaje enigmático.

Club Fonograma Features
Track: "Quien maneja mi barca" 
Album: None / Project Rewind 2
Country: Spain
Label: Austrohungaro
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