Saturday, February 19, 2011

MP3: Vírgenes Violadoras - "Calles de Fuego Azul"

If the band’s name Vírgenes Violadoras isn’t enough to grab your attention, maybe a sexy illustration of a voluptuous nun will. Either way, you’re up for a very good treat, but you already know anything tastes better when there’s sin involved. Virgenes Violadoras is a new name to many of us, but it’s actually one of Ecuador’s most celebrated indie acts. They’re releasing a new album named Lado V later this year and have unveiled a track for free download. The first seconds of “Calles de Fuego Azul” outlined a very steady track, but something that you would expect from a band in the 90s. We found straightforward rock’s simplicity complicated, but if you got it, you got it. They don’t make good principal-rock songs like this anymore. In an age where we’re bombarded with fuzzy & lo-fi rock, the elemental is refreshing.

Download the song for the exchange of an email address at Bandcamp.


  1. Best CF typo ever: "voluptuous noun"

  2. whoa! it doesn't beat the epic "raper" on that miguel bose review, but close

  3. Nice song!

    Takes me back to the Lavate Las Orejas era!

  4. Two more free download tracks of Vírgenes Violadoras:

  5. No quiero ser maletero pero les quedó chico tener un nombre de banda como ese...

  6. Very good straightforward rock.

  7. VV is awesome,in live they're aggressive, i love their new material =P

    Fonogramaticos, I recomend you listen this Ecuador playlist(It's worth it!):
    and you gotta love it! <3

    Cheers! =)