MP3: DeMentira feat. Fakuta - "Día y Hora"

Chilean beatmakers DJ Vaskular and DJ DeMentira have launched the new electronic netlabel Discos Pegaos, promising great new music with the nostalgia of old-school Hip Hop. De Mentira’s Chimpance EP is one of the label’s first releases. If you’re a fan of the pop structure, this album will be a hard shell to break into; if in the other hand, you get along with high-tech layers, you might just find yourself swimming all along. There is however, a great track that would appeal to both cases, the whirling “Dia y Hora”, featuring Fakuta.

When listening to this song, I can’t help but imagine a corner in Santiago with all the guys and the girls dressing bomber jackets, C&J Clark shoes, and Jheri Curls. Ok, before you put me on the spot for stereotyping the 80s sportswear & Hip Hop culture, I have to say all that style also reminds me of my Greek Mythology 100-level courses, and that’s major swag.