Video: Maifersoni - "Nómade"

Maifersoni’s form-defying debut Telar Deslizante is one of the albums that set the tone of the Michita Rex catalogue last year. Chilean electronic guru Enrique Elgueta is a craftsman of all sorts and has the receptivity of a videomaker. It’s not a huge surprise to see his name on the video credits of “Nómade”, which is also his most accessible track yet. The elements of South American folklore Maifersoni embeds into his music is remarkable, and even if you’re unaware of them, the lyrics will get you there. The video’s blurry editing and colorful transcoding capture the track’s beauty (I’ve always imagined it as the collapsing sound of an old train). While “Nomade” combusts in texture and sonic tissue, the visual confounded elements & the animation come in, adding up to a South American folkloric experience, a truly visual ecstasy.