Video: Matias Aguayo - "Ritmo Juarez"

Matias Aguayo has yet to announce any details of his next album, so it’s a good thing he keeps juicing up his excellent 2009 record Ay Ay Ay. Aguayo, who still resides in Buenos Aires and Paris, has maintained himself pretty occupied doing workshop for his Comeme collective. The label has not fully exploded its talent (which it has plenty of), but it’s already earning a privileged spot as one of Latin American ultimate sources for minimal & techno. Under the scope of video director Julia Kasprzak (who also directed Rebolledo’s “Guerrero”), Aguayo dances to “Ritmo Juarez”, one of his album’s most infectious songs. The background has plenty of color (all drawings by Aguayo himself), and shows an army of Matias Aguayos coordinating moves with his exciting tribal vocals.