Quiero Club - "Qué hacer en caso de oír voces"

While the guys from Quiero Club craft their much-anticipated third LP, they’re doing a fine job staying on the cream of the crop through the release of ‘freeload’ single releases. They put out two of the best pop singles of 2010 (“Musica” & “Las Propiedades del Cobre”) and they’ve just released their latest single, “Qué hacer en caso de oír voces.” The release includes remixes by Cesar Gudino, DaPuntoBeat, Disco Ruido, Inide Union and NSM PSM.

The Monterrey band has found itself a new home, Mexico City, nowadays, seems like one of the only relatively Narco-free zones of the country. But the Quiero Club’s sensibilities don’t seem to have been altered by the change of scenery, this new track is a comforting celebration for those moments where the simple, and extraordinary, get a bit too overwhelming to handle.

“QHECDOV” is obscure on in its title, the music in it is confronting and ultimately, as uplifting as Quiero Club’s picture-ready symmetrical formation. They’ve always shown commitment to anthem-striking songs, and this new baby is one of them. The eclecticism and melodic richness of the song showcase a band that realizes and embraces music possibilities. It’s not as immediately catchy as the previous singles, but it’s easily one of the best songs you’ll hear this month, and the next few months. Download HERE.