Video: El Columpio Asesino - "Toro"

As ridiculous as it may sound, people who wear dark glasses at night might be the coolest people on earth. El Columpio Asesino’s first single “Toro”, off their new album Diamantes is already a contender for rock song of the year. Video director Virgili Jubero gets inspired by Robert Zemeckis’ Romancing the Stone and Tony Scott’s The Hunger to deliver what’s bound to become the most astounding video you’ll get to see this month, or the next couple of months. If the song already had a gangster-vibe to it, this video romanticizes that vibe in the bodies of two young lovers walking and driving through Paris and Normandie. These bad-ass kids make the day become the night just by walking by; you feel the attraction between them and their surrounding, their dark coats and golden accessories make them shine, and hide some pain as well.