New Dënver, Piyama Party & Balún in Plásticos y Etéreos

Spain’s Revista Plastica put out a stellar 10-track compilation last week, it’s titled Plásticos y Etéreos and is up for free download via Bandcamp. The virtual magazine focuses its content on the music made in Latin America and Spain. The comp features some very well known faces (Balún, Dënver, Los Negretes) and most exciting, a handful of bands completely unknown to us. Particularly the apparently newcomers Pegasvs, whose “La Melodia del Afilador” gets you straight to the bone. It carries what we would now call ‘the new great Spaniard rock flair’, a sort of left-field progression of rock&roll, almost satanically conceived by bands like Triangulo de Amor Bizarro and El Columpio Asesino.

But the real high point on the album arrives at the end of the compilation, with Piyama Party delivering one of the best songs in their career. “Bandas de Chicas” could be a picture of the times, embracing the reawakening of all-girl bands (Aias, Las Robertas, Ruido Rosa), but it’s a lot more. The composition of the music is frenetically rhythmic and revelatory, while the lyrics speak of the physicality of rock&roll & the sexiness of the guitar, and how everything seems to upgrade to a new level of seduction when it’s the girls rocking the stage.