Video: Yo! Linares - "Cocktail"

Regardless of their formless noise, Yo! Linares’s debut is one of our most anticipated rock albums this year. A few months ago we reinstated our love towards the band via Twitter, sharing their anthem “Unos Amigos, Unos Vatos, Unos Güeyes”; the infectious title is so appealing, our followers from other countries replied with their own slant (“Unos panas, unos shamos, unos cholos…”), but as usual, 140-character rule killed the word-chain. The band is looking for that level of circular response on their new single “Cocktail”, which they’ve just made available for open download. The rock-maze and spiral noise are back, as well as the exciting in-group roars that usually come up near the end of their songs. This is the most psychedelic release Happy-Fi has released in years, the song is a blast, and bonus points for the teleporting video.

Download "Cocktail" HERE.